My Journey, My Way


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Scribo ergo sumHi friends. I haven’t posted here in a couple of months because I have been busy with my creative writing. I’ve been working to make a go of it, and for quite a while now, I’ve been working on a murder-mystery stage play entitled What Cricket Knows (you can read one scene excerpt by clicking on the title link).

Since I’m working to solidify my writing, I’ve made a page solely dedicated to that endeavor (click here to check it out). It will also house information about my working novel Until Proven and any other writing-related projects.

Since you’ve been loyal readers, I invite you to like, follow, and share that page as well, since most of my blogging and update will come from there. You can also follow me on my Facebook page @jonrgilbert and on Twitter (@Jon_R_Gilbert), and feel free to share those as well.

Thanks for your faithful reading and I look forward to your continued loyalty!



Her Journey, Her Way, #4: Stand-up and be Heard!


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Finally! The live stage! She made it and kicked it in the butt! Here’s TGO’s debut stand-up comedy performance! (Sure, it’s ony four minutes, but for those few minutes, she held the world in her hand!)

Click here to see how far she’s come!

Her Journey, Her Way, #3


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Here is her first time off script and in front of a (small) audience. Sorry the vid is shaky…I was asked to record and only had my phone at the time. Also, you may need headphones; the sound quality is low.

Let us know what you think!

The show is next week, Wednesday 4/27 (Her brother’s biurthday).

Her Journey, Her Way


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The Girl One (TGO) came home excited a couple weeks ago: “I’m going to be in the Talent Show!” she told us. And, stand-up comedy, no less!

I admit, Mom and I were a little apprehensive. TGO has issues with anxiety, sometimes her Asperger gets the best of her, and she has an extremely short attention…………SQUIRREL! Perhaps as part of a talent show, in front of an unfamiliar audience performing stand-up comedy for the first time isn’t the best scenario for a shot at the Stage.

On the flip-side, she really wanted to do this, and worked really hard to get accepted (and we never knew she was doing it). So, we relented. I have a stage and comedy improv background, and I told TGO that, if she really wanted to do this, I would work on picking jokes with her, then I would help her put a routine together.

Yesterday, she got her first taste of what comedy feels like: as we were traveling to an appointment, we let her read to us the script that I had helped her fashion together. You know what? She got it! She was making stage direction suggestions, telling us how she was going to make this or that work, and improvised a good portion, too.

We incorporated a lot of that into her current script, and she asked for her first rehearsal to be recorded today.

That said, today I present to you the first rehearsal recording of her debut (3 minute) comedy schetch, entitled I’m Gonna be Big!

Let me know what you think!